20200528 My Eglish teacher(王楚婷)


My English teacher


Ms.Ye is a responsible and dedicated teacher who spends a lot of time on us. Due to her superb teaching level, our class has achieved good results. Besides, she is so humorous and funny that sometimes she jokes herself as an old aunt. With two big shining eyes and not long hair, she looks like a big sister and an amiable friend after class. Always wearing longuette, she looks very fairy.

As an English class representativeAlthough the general matter is responsible by Chen Hangqi.),I often go to her office. Sometimes, I could receive delicious snacks from her. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival last year, Chen Hangqi and I went to the office to hand in our homework. Smiling brightly,she handed me a moon cake, saying ,“You two are diligent.”My heart filled with joyI accepted her small gift with a happy mood. So kind was she that every time she met me in the afternoon, she asked with concern whether I had dinner. Unlike other teachers, she always likes to play small videos before class to enliven the teaching atmosphere. She is used to having students analyze their own problems instead of merely telling us knowledge,which will have better teaching effect. To be honest, English is my favorite subject and she is my favorite teacher. Although she has a lot of homework sometimes, it will never be troublesome for ChenHangqi and I to collect it. She was so patient and understanding that I wouldn’t feel stressed with her. Compared to other teachers, she is more like a friend.

    A teacher like her always wins our affection and respect and I do hope we can get better results with her devoted guidance.




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